Meet the people who create our packaging

Learn more about the people at Ardagh. Hear directly from them about what life at Ardagh is all about.  
Ardagh Group is passionate about hiring, retaining and rewarding employees from all walks of life. Creating sustainable, innovative packaging would be impossible without our dedicated workforce. Our hiring and retention strategies are based around inclusive hiring practices, career development opportunities, internal promotions and empowering leadership. Advancement opportunities come in various forms such as technical apprenticeships and mentorship programs. Come join our talent community and be a part of company that makes packaging for good!

Our employees

"Being able to create a positive contribution on a daily basis for the organization; and the constant interaction with other disciplines that work as one for specific goals."
"I feel proud to work in an industry that supports the families of everyday Americans and provides accessible opportunities to all kinds of people. It’s also really neat to walk around grocery stores and find products on shelves that, in a small way, I helped manufacture!"
“When I started working at Ardagh, I felt really comfortable and I found that I really like the work environment. I would tell someone that is considering working at Ardagh to take the opportunity, it will give you a chance to develop your skills to grow with the company, and it is a great place to work.”
When I first started working at Ardagh, the first few months of my career were very rewarding and very challenging. The team-focused atmosphere here at Ardagh pushes you to be excellent every single day."
"It was a unique interview experience – they asked me questions about my job history and my experience, but it was more so related to who I was as a person and my character. That’s what stood out to me, it showed me that they were looking for a positive culture.
I feel like this place respects my opinions, my thoughts and ideas, and I’m allowed to apply that at the company and institute change and positive growth."